We Are in Galeata

Valle del Bidente

We live in a gorgeous valley in the very heart of Italy, the ” Valle del Bidente”.
The name of the valley comes from the river Bidente (  latin word for “double tooth” ) that  flows all along the valley untill it reaches Adriatic sea, just thirty miles away from Galeata, our village.


Galeata is a small village with anchient origin.
In Roman era there was already a village called Mevaniola , whose remains can be visited in the nearby archaeological area.
By the centuries an important German king, Theodoric, has his hunting manor built in this area, while in the same period a Saint was dwelling in the mount in front of the manor : Saint Hylarus ( Sant’Ellero ).
Today is a charming village where you can enjoy the best Italian cusine in its restaurants, have long walks in the nature, visit its famous Museum ( Museo Mambrini )and enjoy the many folk festivals and fairs taking place during the year.

Bed and Breakfast Corte Isabella  is located in :
Via IV Novembre Nr 3
47010 Galeata

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